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We answer all of your frequently asked questions places utmost importance in providing our partner restaurants and customers a pleasant experience on our platform. If you have any other questions other than the ones listed here, please feel free to get in touch with us by using our online form or emailing us at is an online ordering platform where users can order food quickly, and seamlessly - for pickup or delivery. We provide the platform for users to place orders online, manage their order history, and earn exclusive reward points for using the service.

As an added benefit, we also offer free reward points for registered users placing orders online that gives you points for each and every order placed online that can save you money on future orders. For more information about about Rewards, please scroll down to learn more.

From your computer, laptop, or mobile device, that's connected to the internet - type

  1. Sign up for a new account by creating your log-in user name and password. Creating an account makes it easier for you to place future orders and also makes you eligible to earn free Rewards.
  2. Make sure to select "Delivery" or "Picup".
  3. Search by zip code or full address to find the nearest restaurant. Or if you already have a restaurant in mind, search by the restaurant name.
  4. Once you have a restaurant in mind, scroll through the menu and choose the dishes.
  5. Once you're done with selecting from the menu, if you have specific instructions for the restaurant add them into the comments section - then click 'Order Now' button to confirm information.
  6. Fill out the payment information then complete your order.
  7. Now sit back and relax. Your meal will be prepared with tender loving care, and will be delivered straight to your doorstep (if delivery).

Rewards is a loyalty reward point system introduced to save you money. Each and every order placed within the site at any restaurant for any amount will earn you points. Once accumulated, you can redeem the points for savings on your order. Customers who are registered for an account will be eligible to earn free Rewards on all orders placed no matter the amount. So please make sure to create an account before placing your order. And make sure you're logged in to your account when placing the order as well.

Reward points will be giving based on your subtotal order amount. And it cannot be comined with coupon codes.

If your Reward points reach a certain threshold, you can redeem the points for savings on your order. For example: with Rewards points at 5000 points, you can save $5 dollars on your current order. During checkout, you'll be able to select the redemption savings that's applicable to your account. (i.e. '$5', '$10', '$15') And clicking on it will apply the points for redemption.

During special promotional event periods, you may receive additional points based on the promotion details. Please refer to any promotional material that's presented during those times.

If you intend on using your points on an order, please make sure to apply them before finalizing checkout as we cannot apply them afterwards.

Rewards cannot be combined with coupon codes.

Yes! We accept cash payments for your order, but keep in mind that you will not earn any rewards on it.

If there are any issues that require a refund due to the restaurant's errors or mistakes, and we can confirm with the restaurant - a refund will be processed immediately. Complaints and other reasons for refund will need to be approved by the restaurant before we can proceed with any sort of refunds or adjustments.

Please review our terms and conditions for additional details.

Once you are registered and logged in, you will see a button on the top right corner of the site that either is a profile icon (on mobile devices) or "Hello..." with your name (on desktop). Clicking that will allow you to access your account dashboard. From here you can manage your profile, check order status, order history, change/save payment information, and etc. Setting up your profile will make it easier to complete future orders.

Once you've registered for an account and signed in, click on the "Click to Refer" on the home page above the search bar. A window will pop up where you can input your friend's or family member's phone number. Once an invitation is sent, and they sign up for an account and verify, you'll automatically receive free K-Reward points after their first purchase. Your friend will also receive free K-Reward points after email verification. This is a great opportunity to earn free K-Reward points that you can apply to save money on your next order, so stay active, invite more friends for more points, and save more money!

  1. You cannot refer-a-friend without logging in. You must be a registered user before you can invite someone.
  2. After registering, your friend must confirm their email address in order for both you and your friend to receive the rewards. is now offering its own delivery service for our loyal customers. Delivery is available for selected restaurants only at the moment. Please look for the Delivery logo in the restaurant's menu page.

Normally, delivery is provided by the restaurants directly. And we did hear some of the complaints from our users. With Delivery, we offer faster delivery from restaurant to your doorstep. With the delivery service under our supervision, you can expect faster, seamless, and more professional service for a more enjoyable delivery experience. We are currently still expanding on this idea, and will gradually provide this service to more restaurants and customers soon. So stay tuned for additional details!

* Please see our Terms of Use for more details about our delivery.

You can reach us in any of the following ways:

  • Our online contact us form found here.
  • Email:

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